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Our grooming tools make it easy to maintain your pet's coat so it's always healthy and vibrant.

  • My Long Hair Cat Loves it

    I love this brush - and more importantly, My long hair cat loves it, too. She comes to sit on my lab 3 or 4 times a day, expecting to be combed - and of course I oblige.

  • This ACTUALLY works!

    FINALLY. A brush that actually works for my fuzzy bear/pupper. My pup Dwight is Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees and his hair ridiculous. It's fluffy, coarse, super thick and matts so easily.

  • Desheds like a dream!

    Double sided for dematting and deshedding. Gave my dog a long-term chew and started brushing. So much loose hair came out. Helps cut down on the daily swiffering, too!