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Freshly Bailey

Grooming Scissors

Grooming Scissors

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1. **Safety First:** The Freshly Bailey grooming scissors prioritize your pet’s safety with their blunt ends, ensuring no accidental cuts or pokes during grooming, especially in sensitive areas like eyes and paws.

2. **Cat or Dog Mat Removal Made Easy:** Say goodbye to troublesome mats in your pet's fur! These scissors effortlessly cut and remove mats, making grooming comfortable and pain-free for your furry friend.

3. **Easy to Handle:** Designed for your comfort, these lightweight scissors are easy to use and maneuver, with finger holes shaped to accommodate most users.

4. **Sharp & Precise:** Enjoy hassle-free grooming sessions with these sharp scissors that offer clean and precise cuts without pulling or snagging, working smoothly on both thick and thin fur.

5. **Quality Worth Your Penny:** With durable construction and thoughtful design, these scissors provide value for money. They're not just long-lasting but also come in a set of 2 pairs including curved and straight scissors.

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