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Detangling Pet Comb

Detangling Pet Comb

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1. PERFECT DUAL LENGTH PET COMB - Our Freshly Bailey comb has long and short stainless steel teeth to quickly and painlessly detangle matted hair and remove annoying knots. Perfect comb to keep your dog or cat happily detangled!

2. BEST COMB FOR MEDIUM TO LONG HAIRED DOGS & CATS - Keep your pet’s coat shiny, healthy, and tangle-free year round. No more sad visits to the groomer to shave it all off due to crazy mats and tangles.

3. SAFE STAINLESS STEAL TEETH - Solid stainless steel teeth make this comb sturdy and effective at removing tangles and mats. The rounded head pins keep your pet’s sensitive skin from getting scratched.

4. SLIP-PROOF HANDLE FOR ADDED SAFETY - Great anti-slip handle designed to protect your fur baby from any slippery accidents. Creating a positive grooming experience for your pet has never been easier.

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