The slicker brush is the number one dog brush recommended by grooming professionals and vets for almost any type of dog coat. A slicker brush is perfect for daily use because it is so effective and easy to use at the same time.

A slicker brush is actually the kind of brush you want to start with when grooming your dog because it will help break up any knots, prevent matting, and keep the fur from covering every surface in your home. Grooming your dog regularly is essential to keeping their coat healthy, shiny, and mat-free. Matted fur does not only look bad, but it is very painful for dogs. If not removed, it can also cause other health issues including discomfort, skin disorder, flea infestation, mites, worms, and other parasites.


The slicker brush is perfect for maintaining your dog nicely groomed, but not all slicker brushes are made the same. Some can actually hurt your dog during the grooming process while others are simply not very effective. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the top 5 slicker brushes for dogs.

1. Freshly Bailey Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Freshly Bailey Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is one of the top slicker brushes found on the market. It is perfect for any short to medium coat. It is very easy to use, super effective, and easy to clean and maintain at the same time.

Slicker brushes are great, but they are very difficult to clean. It is always important to keep the bristles of a slicker brush from bending or getting damaged as this can cause skin irritation, pain, and discomfort. And the Freshly Bailey slicker brush addresses this pain point effortlessly.

What we love about this brush is that you can brush your dog, and then just click and clean the brush. The bristles retract when you click so they are kept from being damaged. Your brush can be stored and ready for your next brushing session. No need to buy a new slicker brush every few weeks.

The Freshly Bailey slicker brush is also a favorite because it gently removes loose fur, dirt, tangles, and mats. Its fine bent wires penetrate into the coat making it super easy to groom the undercoat without irritating your pet’s skin. Thus, creating a positive grooming experience.

Pro tip: Don’t just brush the top of the coat, line brush instead.

2. Slicker Brush For Doodles and Poodles (or any dense coat)

The Doodle Slicker Brush is great at working through dense and thick coats because of its larger than standard pins. It is designed for professional groomers and it’s of the highest quality out there. 

This slicker brush is gentle and smoothly works its way through any doodle or poodle type coat. It is one of the best slicker brushes on the market for doodle and poodle owners because it makes coat maintenance much easier. It is great at removing tangles and mats. It's also perfect for achieving that fluffly look effortlessly. 

The Doodle slicker brush is extremely lightweight, the extra-long handle is ergonomic, and it is very comfortable and effective.

Pro-tip: clean it after every use, and keep it safely so the bristles won’t get damaged.

3. Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

The Chris Christensen is another great slicker brush because of its long pins. The longer pins are ideal for dense and thick coats. This brush is effective, gentle, and comfortable to hold. This brush is preferred by many groomers.

The Chris Christensen brush is mainly created for professional pet groomers. It costs around $75. Therefore, for regular home coat maintenance, we do prefer recommending the doodle slicker brush, which is much more affordable. 

Finally, make sure you clean the bristles after every grooming session. Be careful not to damage the thin bristles or bend them in a way that may poke your dog uncomfortably during the next grooming time. Keep the brush in a safe place where bristles are not damaged.


1. Always begin a brushing session with a calm and relaxed dog. 

2. Do not just brush the top of the coat as this does not really get deep into the coat.

3. Line brush for best results: Start at the bottom of the coat, grab a handful of hair, and brush a line of fur away. You should be able to see the skin. As you go, brush the hair down making sure that with each line you get right to the skin.

4. Do not drag the brush across the dog’s skin, but do a pull-away type of stroke. Move up as you go along, and make sure you brush your dog’s entire coat. Don’t forget about the tail and armpits.

5. Following your thorough brushing with the slicker brush, use a metal comb to finish off the process. You’ll want to comb over the whole coat to ensure it can easily pass through all of the hair without any knots or tangles.


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