Top 3 Dog Grooming Hammocks



A dog grooming hammock is one of those products you never knew you needed until you finally got one. A grooming hammock is designed to make nail trimming, paw or face grooming, and ear cleaning much easier.

Some dogs hate getting their nails clipped making it stressful, costly, and time-consuming for both owner and dog. A grooming hammock or harness is great as it helps calm and control your pet so you can get the job done quick and easily without spending money on groomers.


If your dog squirms, kicks, and fights when you try to clip his nails, then the grooming hammock is perfect for you and your pup. If you have to chase your pet around the house so you can clean their ears or give them medicine, then the hammock is a great addition to your pet supplies. 

Trimming an anxious dog’s nails or grooming a dog's face can be very frustrating, and it usually takes hours to do it. The grooming hammock makes the job way easier. Your pet will sit comfortably in the hammock. What used to take hours can now take just a few minutes. 


A dog sling is perfectly safe for dogs and cats as long as you get the correct size and fit for your pet. We also recommend lifting your pet in the hammock only a few inches off the floor for safety reasons. 


1. Freshly Bailey Pet Grooming Hammock

We love recommending the Freshly Bailey grooming hammock because of its high quality build. The material is padded and breathable so your pet can be comfortable when placed in the sling. It has an enlarged chest design for better support. Plus, the leg holes’ edges are thickened to improve comfort. It is strong and durable. 

In addition to being a high quality hammock, it comes with hanging straps that can fit any size pole. The hanging mechanism also includes two premium carabiners, which are safer than the S hooks other hammocks come with. 

We like that you also get a premium grooming kit that includes a nail clipper, a nail file, and a greyhound metal comb. 

This grooming hammock comes in four different sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large (The large holds up to 70 pounds). 

2. Ateson X-Large Dog Grooming Hammock

The Ateson dog grooming hammock is great if your dog weighs more than 75 pounds. It is a sturdy hammock with a cute design. We love that it can hold dogs that weigh up to 120 pounds. So if you've got an extra large fur baby, this hammock is for you and your pup. 

It comes with a high quality grooming kit. You get a nail clipper, nail file, and a metal comb. And it comes with premium carabiners and straps for added safety. 

3. Dshine Dog Grooming Harness

The Dshine dog grooming harness is a great alternative to a grooming hammock is you are more interested in getting a grooming harness for your fur baby. This harness is made of high quality materials. 

The harness comes with various buckles so you can adjust according to your pet's weight and size. The way the harness operates is quite similar to a walking harness. 

The Dshine dog grooming harness is on the higher price range. It does come with a grooming kit and a dog leash so you can walk your dog. 



1. Place your dog in the grooming hammock. Make sure they are calm and relaxed. Treats always help. 

2. Grab your dog’s paw in a comfortable position.

3. Decide which toe to start with and expose the nail.

4. Cut the nail.

Pro Tip: For white nails - don’t cut the pink part. For black nails, cut a little bit at a time. When you start seeing a black dot in the middle of the white chalky area, stop!

5. If the nail starts bleeding, you have cut the quick. Quickly apply styptic powder to the nail.

6. Cut the rest of nails if your dog is tolerant and compliant.

7. Reward with treats.

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