Poodles are really smart and affectionate dogs. They are eager and athletic. They are also very easy to train, which makes them a great family dog. But they do require a lot of grooming. 


The poodle needs the right grooming to keep its coat healthy, shiny, and fluffy. But a poodle’s grooming needs are often overlooked by the family that is so focused on the cuteness of a fluffy puppy. Many poodle owners believe that because this breed is mostly low shedding, it is also low maintenance. But this could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that poodles do require daily grooming. This includes brushing and combing everyday or at least 3 times a week. Creating a grooming routine with your poodle is vital to keeping their fluffy coat mat-free! Matting is the number one grooming problem that poodle owners encounter.

Matted fur does not only look bad, but it is very painful for poodles. If not removed, it can also cause other health issues including discomfort, skin disorder, flea infestation, mites, worms, and other parasites. And severe matting usually leads to a shavedown, right to the skin. Shaving a fluffy poodle is actually very frustrating for an owner because they may not know what they are doing wrong. So as a poodle owner you need to learn how to properly care for your dog’s coat.


Before brushing and combing your precious poodle, you need the right grooming tools. These are the top three tools that will make grooming so much easier.

1. A High Quality Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is the number one dog brush recommended by grooming professionals for poodles or any type of doodle hybrid. It is actually the type of brush you want to start with when grooming your dog because it will help break up any knots and prevent matting.

We love recommending the Self Cleaning Slicker Brush because it is very easy to use, super effective, and easy to clean and maintain at the same time. It is always important to keep the bristles of a slicker brush from bending or getting damaged as this can cause skin irritation, pain, and discomfort.

What we love about this brush is that you can brush your poodle, and then just click and clean the brush. The bristles retract when you click so they are kept from being damaged. And your brush can be stored and ready for your next brushing session.


2. A Dematting Tool

A double-sided dematting tool is perfect for grooming your poodle when matting is the problem as it is specifically designed to remove mats.  The dematting tool can come in very handy before having to take your pup to the groomer for a shavedown. This tool has a 9-rounded-teeth side specifically designed for dematting purposes. 

We love recommending the Freshly Bailey dematting brush because it has proven to be effective at removing mats while creating a positive grooming experience. The brush is terrific for getting deep into the dog's coat and for working through the stubborn tangles.

3. A Metal Comb

A metal comb should be used after you have brushed your poodle thoroughly with the slicker brush. The end result should be the ability to get the comb from the root to the tip of the hair.

We like the Dual-length Dog Metal Comb. It is the perfect comb to add the finishing touch to your poodle’s coat. It has long and short stainless steel teeth to quickly and painlessly remove any remaining tangles or knots. Its rounded head pins keep your doodle’s skin from getting scratched. And the anti-slip handle protects your dog from any slippery accidents.

**Bonus Grooming Tool** - Dog Grooming Hammock

If you have a poodle that weighs less than 30 pounds, and you are always having trouble trimming your dog nails, then the dog grooming hammock is an excellent addition to your poodle grooming supplies. The hammock is also a great tool for grooming your poodle's face, legs, and tail. It really does save tons of time and frustration.


1. HAIR + WATER = MATS: NEVER brush your dog’s hair when it is still wet! The number one cause of matting is a wet coat. ALWAYS brush a completely dry coat. If you bathe your dog, make sure you brush before bathing, and brush again after a bath when the coat is fully dried up. 

2. LINE BRUSH YOUR DOG: Grab your slicker brush to brush your dog’s hair. Do not just brush the top of the coat as this does not really do anything to prevent matting. Start at the bottom of the coat, grab a handful of hair, and brush a line of fur away. You should be able to see the skin. As you go, brush the hair down making sure that with each line you get right to the skin. Do not drag the brush across the dog’s skin, but do a pull-away type of stroke. Move up as you go along, and make sure you brush your dog’s entire coat. Don’t forget about the tail and armpits.

If you have the self-cleaning slicker brush, just click, clean, and store when finished. Otherwise, make sure the bristles are thoroughly cleaned.

3. FINISH WITH A METAL COMB: After brushing with the slicker brush, take your metal comb, and comb your dog’s coat thoroughly until the comb moves easily through the hair. If the comb gets stuck in any particular section, go back and brush out the tangle with the slicker brush.

4. EXTRA STEP: If there are more tangles and matting after brushing and combing, you may want to use the dematting tool. Use the 9-rounded-teeth side. Hold the matted fur closest to the skin with your fingers before brushing or pulling at the mat. Start at the end of the mat and work your way up. Always do small strokes when combing through a mat. 

5. CONSISTENCY: Create a positive grooming routine and make sure you brush and comb your poodle at least 3 times per week.


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