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As a husky owner, you are probably well aware by now of the challenges of grooming this type of dog. Huskies are a popular breed with dog owners, but they have a special type of coat that does require a good amount of work to keep it looking its best. Keep reading as we share with you our top tips for husky shedding and grooming and the best brushes for husky dogs.

Grooming a Husky – Everything You Need to Know

A husky’s coat requires a lot of work to ensure it remains in top condition, especially when your husky begins to shed its fur. Huskies have what is known as a double-coat, so they shed a lot more hair than other breeds. The top coat protects your dog from various weather conditions, keeping it dry in the rain. The underneath coat is called the undercoat, and it’s a soft and fluffy coat that regulates its temperature. It helps to keep them cool in the summer and then nice and warm in the winter months. On top of that, huskies need a good amount of exercise, which means their fur can often get mucky when they are out and about exploring.

As a husky owner, it’s important to use the best brush for husky dogs to get rid of any loose hair that has built up. If you don’t do this, you’ll come across large tufts of hair around your home, even if your dog isn’t shedding at that time. Husky owners should aim to groom their husky about twice a week, but when they are shedding, you’ll need to up this to once a day. The shedding season lasts for between six to eight weeks, so you’ll need to put a good amount of time aside during this time. Huskies are an absolutely beautiful breed of dog, but with the work that’s required with husky shedding, you’ll need to make sure you are prepared for this task if you’ve only just welcomed a husky to your home.

Top 3 Brushes Every Husky Owner Should Have

To look after your beautiful husky, you need the best brush for husky dogs. Especially during the husky shedding season, you’ll want to find a good tool that will make this daily task quicker and easier. Keep reading as we share with you three of our favorite brushes for huskies.

1. The 3-in-1 Deshedding Grooming Tool 

The 3-in-1 Deshedding Grooming Tool is one of the best tools for huskies due to their long hair and the husky shedding season. This tool has nine rounded teeth on one side, which remove tangles, and then 17 rounded teeth on the other side, which are specifically designed to remove the heavy undercoat and minimize shedding. This tool is one of our favorites for that husky heavy shedding. 

The brush is 100% safe for use on huskies, as the inner part of the brush’s teeth are sharp enough to remove the dead hair from their undercoat but won’t harm your husky dog during the process like other deshedding tools do. In fact, this tool is designed to be comfortable and soothing for your pet and offers a calming massaging effect when it’s in use.

2. The Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is one of the best brushes for huskies. A slicker brush is perfect for daily use because it is so effective and easy to use at the same time. It is one of the favorite dog brushes recommended by groomers and vets. With so much hair to get through, we know how challenging it can be to groom your husky, which is why we love this Freshly Bailey Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

This brush is both effective and comfortable, and it makes brushing much more enjoyable for both you and your pet. After brushing, the bristles retract, so they won’t get damaged or bent between uses (bent or damaged bristles can poke your dog and be super uncomfortable and painful). The thing we love most about this brush is that it’s so easy to clean. With just a click of a button, the hair will slide off the brush, leaving you with a clean brush ready for another grooming session during husky shedding season.

3. Dual-Length Detangling Pet Comb

The final best brush for husky dogs we recommend is this Dual-Length Detangling Pet Comb. It’s the perfect brush for a husky’s coat, and it has both long and short stainless steel teeth which will easily detangle matted hair. You’ll find that’s it’s ideal for the hair length of your husky dog, and you’ll no longer waste your precious time and money visiting the groomer due to unpleasant tangles.

When using this comb on your husky, you’ll find the rounded head pins stop their sensitive skin from being scratched. In case you are worried about any slippery accidents, there’s also an anti-slip handle to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you.

How to Groom a Husky

Shedding Season Grooming

Shedding season for huskies occurs twice a year, which is when they "blow their coat". They get rid of their old undercoat in preparation for the upcoming season. We highly recommend grooming with the 3-in-1 Deshedding Grooming tool. Use the the 9-rounded-teeth side first to remove any matting or tangles. When done, proceed to use the 17-rounded-teeth side to begin deshedding and thinning out your dog's coat. You won't believe how much hair will come out!

Year-Round Grooming (2 to 3 Times a Week)

1. Start With Your Slicker Brush

The first step to grooming your husky is to use the Slicker Brush. We recommend starting at the bottom of the coat and then brush a line of fur away so you can see the skin. From there, you can brush the hair down, ensuring that you use a pull-away stroke. You can then move up as you work across their body, making sure you don’t forget the armpits and tail. This brush is so easy to clean after use, which is why we highly recommend it for year-round use. 

2. Use a Comb and Remove Tangles

Following your thorough brushing with the slicker brush, use a metal comb to finish off the process. You’ll want to comb over the whole coat to ensure it can easily pass through all of the hair without any knots or tangles. If you do find tangles still, you’ll want to use the dematting tool. Hold the matted fur close to the husky’s skin with your fingers, and then work your way up from the knot.


There’s no denying that being a husky owner is hard work, but with the best brush for husky dogs and a consistent routine, you’ll keep them looking and feeling their best for many years to come.




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